Our commercial approach

With the accelerating level of digitalization in the past decades, DreamHack Sports Games looks at esports as a global multifaceted ecosystem which sees an escalating number of online viewers and audiences, increasing prize money pools and an ever increasing number of professional clubs and sports organizations getting involved in the esports space. 

In 2019 the total estimated number of viewers of esport was around 454 million globally. Half of these viewers watch esports on a regular basis, and with around 11.000 commercial messages brought to their attention every day, this demands a high developed commercial strategy, always with an audience-first approach.

That is why we focus on delivering the best possible opportunities for our commercial partners. With a wide range of different esports projects, there is a chance for companies to expand their commercial footprint across not only one sport but multiple.

We strive to be data driven in everything we do, to ensure the absolute best conditions for us and our partners to become agile in the way we work with our common commercial activities. Always with the goal of being present and relevant to our audience.