Dreamhack Sports Games’ heart beats digitally

As a digital elevation of sports, a digital approach is at the core of all great esports entertainment products and it is, therefore, the starting point in all our products.

It is important to esports fans and esports communities that we offer a digital-first approach to the esports products that we produce. A native digital approach across a multitude of channels helps us make the esports products more entertaining and relevant through engaging shoulder content that draws viewers and audiences in before, during and after competitions.

We prioritize being able to develop tailor-made digital products for our broadcasting- and streaming partners, while also catering to the wishes of our commercial partners.

We put development and creativity at the forefront of what we do and we work closely with our partners to constantly raise the bar for how a digital-first approach can elevate our esports products. Foremost It is critical that our approach is audience-first in our 360-degree digital work so that we always have the respective communities top of mind.