Sanne Okholm Ravn, Director of eFootball

Sanne has been in charge of DreamHack Sports Games’ eFootball activities the past 1.5 years and joined the company to take the lead on development and launch of our first FIFA product, eSuperliga together with our Chief Product Officer and Head of Productions. After a successful launch of the first season of eSuperliga, Sanne went on to launch the same format in Sweden with eAllsvenskan one year ago and in The Netherlands with eDivisie last autumn. For both eAllsvenskan and eDivisie, Sanne and her team were left with under 2 months to build local teams and organizations and to execute, proving yet again the adaptable mentality which is a great part of our company’s DNA.

Sanne comes with a journalistic background in traditional sports from Modern Times Group (now Nordic Entertainment Group), having worked with everything from live reporting, hosting, as editor aind chief, developing and producing a number of tv and digital sports entertainment formats. Sanne has strong project management skills and a 360 degree understanding of how to make storytelling, productional, technical, visual and commercial opportunities unite together in strong and high quality entertainment products.