The Management

In order to deliver on our high ambitions, we have put together a team of highly skilled people with backgrounds in gaming, esports, broadcasting, communication and marketing. We need the crazy innovative gamers, the disciplined broadcast professionals, the strong storytellers and the social media- and marketing experts who, when they come together, are capable of reaching the fans and the people who do not yet know that they are fans. Common for all the people at Dreamhack Sports Games is the passion for the projects and the desire to create new, strong esports products. It is put very well by the CEO of European Tour Keith Pelley, who describes us as “creative, ambitious and unbelievably passionate”.

Roger Lodewick
(+46) 70-246 62 90
Mads Lindemann
(+45) 4077 8833
Sanne Okholm Ravn
Executive Director of eFootball
(+45) 6178 1713
Dennis Højgård
Executive Producer
(+45) 2815 7052
Simon Jørgensen
Project Manager and Editorial Producer
(+45) 6177 2412
Tobias Calvo Jensen
Executive Director of Digital & Business Development
(+45) 2834 3346