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Where traditional sports meet esports

Where traditional sports meet esports

Our core

25 years after DreamHack was founded and brought gamers together to the first LAN Party we have now founded the company DreamHack Sports Games. As one of the pioneers in social and competitive gaming we have taken an active part in the rise of esports. Professional esports have for the first decades been concentrated around titles within the game genres Fighting , First Person Shooter (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).

“We create competitive leagues and tournaments in esports for the biggest sports organizers in the world.”

DreamHack Sports Games is concentrated about a fifth genre – Sport Games. There is a huge audience for the sports games, which are easy to understand with most of them created on the back of strong brands from traditional sports.

At DreamHack Sports Games we first and foremost care about the viewers. By creating strong media products around competitive gaming, we ensure that the leagues and tournaments we operate are attractive entertainment products which attract large audiences.

We already operate eFootball leagues in Denmark with eSuperligaen, Sweden with eAllsvenskan, the Netherlands with eDivisie and golf’s first esports proposition the European eTour.
All the competitive esports projects we are involved in are made as entertaining media products – attracting viewers, media- and sponsorship-partners.

It is LIVE – it is UNIQUE – it is SEASONAL – it is full of STORIES – and it is high QUALITY.